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Natural Cannabis Extracts

2 mL Vape Bars

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100% Natural Terpenes

Shop Gorilla Bar

Shop Gorilla Bar

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Explore Gorilla Bar.

Explore Gorilla Bar.

The Wholesale Cannabis Choice.

The Wholesale Cannabis Choice.

Welcome to the future of cannabis consumption! Gorilla Bar presents a revolutionary natural cannabis vape pen that combines premium quality and an unparalleled user experience. Adding Gorilla Bar to your inventory is a strategic move that will not only enhance your product offerings but also elevate your brand.

Premium Quality Assurance

Gorilla Bar guarantees an unrivaled vaping experience with organic cannabis extracts and stringent quality control for consistency.

Innovative Technology

Experience the future of vaping with Gorilla Bar’s cutting-edge technology, ensuring a smooth and controlled cannabis consumption.

Consumer Trust

Align your brand with trust and credibility by offering Gorilla Bar—a market-recognized, consumer-trusted cannabis vape pen.

Natural Ingredients

Elevate your inventory responsibly with Gorilla Bar’s natural ingredients that meets the demands of the modern cannabis user. 

Generous Discounts

Wholesale partners receive powerful discounts on all products. Your margins are well over 100%!

Flexible Ordering

Ordering Gorilla Bar products is easy and flexible. Order minimums are low and shipping is fast. Retailers love our variety boxes!

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